Føroyskir næmingar bergtaka listafólkini

Hetta sigur hollendska Josephine Beijer, sum saman við Floortej Zonnenveldt vitjaði við Listaleypinum við verkætlanini PONSJO skrúðgongan í mei:

"Beyond expectations!!!

I dreamed about the mysterious Faroe Islands with these lovely creative kids on it. But I couldn’t have dreamt of this. It was beyond expectations!!! The kids were so cooperative, they listened very well, they had great interest. And what is very hard, it is quit an experimental form of making art.

To make something 3-dimensional out of 2-dimensional fabric is hard and difficult. And to allow yourself to make an animal shape that is not resembling excactly to reality and stay pretty abstract…Wow! That was so good, they saw their snake, elephant, dinosaurs in it, while a parent that sees it for the first time still sees a kind of shape in different colours and fabrics.

For them it was alive and they knew exactly what it was.  To move outside the last day of workshops in a parade with around 80 pupils was the cherry on top of the cake. The joy where they run around with, the kids and their own made TENTacle . They were so proud of their creations! Amazing. That was the biggest compliment for the whole project and myself.

I like inflatables a lot myself for there is always magic in the moment that the wind goes to play with it, fills it up to the shape you made and brings your piece of art to life. And this magical moment was also experienced by the pupils. We encouraged them to go out as soon as possible to test the TENTacle and see what the shape becomes. This moment is were they start playing and only want to create a better inflatable and adjust things. That’s where they all became artist :-)